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18 dec 08 //


Many months since I sat down with this blog. I've had so many nice jobs lately, working hard pays off, as mom says. Here's a couple of images from a 16-page fashionstory featured in the newest issue of Carl's Cars. I also did a shoot of Karl, Stephanie and Andre for Wallpaper*, out this month.

Other jobs the last half year includes imagebank for Telenor (work-in-progress), imagebank for Aftenposten, imagebank for Statkraft, ads for Subaru (inwork), ads for Flyktninghjelpen,ads for Farmandstredet, ads for Adresseavisen, portraits for Conde Nast Traveler, portraits for Institutional Investor, portraits for Elle Korea, many features for D2 and aquirky 6-page story in Mind Magazine made by Anti and Alu.

See you next year! KS.

06 mar 08 //

Been superbusy the last month, more work than ever before, which I guess is a good thing....

I've done 2 ads for insurance-company Codan through Schjaerven Ad-agency (2 cars, 1 "fast and the furious"-style, the other an Aston Martin).
Shot an ad for Statoil-Hydro (went to the country-side for some farm-life)
, worked and travelled for the Hydro annual report, planned and shot 2 fashion-series and 1 interior for Metro outside of Oslo, working with very talented people and models. The picture on the right is from one of the fashion-shoots, this is me inbetween shots, riding the beautiful horse Ronja. I also shot promotional shots for Postens new business credit-card, through McCann.

Next week I will be going to Delhi and Jaipur in India for D2.

Check back for upcoming updates with new series on

28 jan 08 //

Sorry for taking so long with updating this blog, I will try to do better in the future.

Since last I've been working on a few assignments for the Norwegian Newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv's Friday magazine, D2. Last week was spent in Abu Dhabi.

Did a new web-page for Norwegian company Mood Communication. Some work for Hydro, (will also start on their Annual Report this week). Did 6 ads for the Norwegian Post for Ad-agency McCann.

What else? Performed live for the first time in my life with my band, Les Blackouts. Will soon be doing some work for AKJ, shooting in Oslo and London. And, my daughter Elsa Emily has started in the kindergarten.

22 oct 07 //

Last week I did some photos for Marine Harvest, for the McDonalds Salmon-wrap, which is currently only available in Norway, but that's what they want to change.

I also finished the web-campaign for Netcom/McCann, some photos for PA Bachke, had a look at jpegs of Petter Carlsen, which I did a couple weeks back, and went to Sweden.

This week I will be shooting photos for the upcoming Animal Alpha album, among a few other things.

02 oct 07 //

Just finished a hard week's work for the next issue of Kreativt Forum.

The cover-star will probably be the man from the a nice guy.

This week I will be finishing the Carl's Cars-shoot from Madrid, do some more shots for Cosmo, photoshop the portraits I did last week for JCDecaux and plan and shoot a Netcom web-campaign for McCann.

Thanks to NewsToday, NewWebPick, xhilerate, Zcool, Gouw, DesignAside, iBlog, The Dezine, Dope Awards, Zeroin, and Design Licks for link.

19 sept 07 //

7500 people have been visiting the new V9 the first week, sounds unreal.

Anyway, Kimm's working on a few different things, photos for a website for Newsmatic, the next issue for Kreativt Forum, a couple of things for the hip venue Cosmo, pics from the launch of the new Mini for Carl's Cars Magazine,

13 sept 07 //

Wow, the new site has a lot of visitors (1500 yesterday), thanks to all the good people at Styleboost, Fcukstar, Design is Kinky, Another Bookmark, BeInspired and Antenna7
. Thanks!

Kimm will be going to Madrid this weekend for the launch of the new Mini Clubman.

07 sept 07 //

Kimm has just finished his new web-site, after 4 years of silence on the web....have a look.

03 sept 07 //

Kimm and his friend Kim Ramberghaug has been working hard at the Oyafestival in Oslo, Norway. See what they're up to.

Summer's over and photography is still fun. Pick up the latest issue of Carl's Cars.
Working hard.

30 aug 07 //

Things are starting to pick up again after summer, what summer?

Have done some pics for clients of Sigarett, went to Turin, Italy for the launch of the new Fiat 500 (for Carl's Cars), did a couple of smaller jobs for Concept Communication, went to some friends weddings and bachelor-parties, which gave me another opportunity to photograph more naked men...
Fiat 500 launch.

14 may 07 //

Kimm on the Nogaro track in France, working on an editorial for Carl's Cars. Shell Eco-Marathon.
Shell Eco-Marathon

03 may 07 //

So, we finally decided to move back to Oslo, got an apartment today in Parkveien which we are very happy with. We will be moving in June..

Workwise there's enough to put my hands on, just finished the ABN annual report (after lots of extra work), started on part 2 of a huge pile of pictures for NAV, doing pics for a couple of websites, will be going to France next weekend for Carl's Cars magazine, doing a story on Shell Eco Marathon.


02 apr 07 //

Last week I went to Paris with Kim R. for the ABN annual report. We saw the Eiffel and photographed it.

Shot the 2nd of 2 ads for Grilstad Salami on Friday, and it needs to be done before easter. Finishing up post-production for the Marine Harvest annual report and the ABN annual report has booked me for a couple of more days of shooting, after the holiday-break.

Spring is here, so soon I can get my Jaguar XJ-S from winter storage, will be fun indeed.



07 mar 07 //

A lot of fun + travelling.

Kimm will go to Bruges, Belgium this week, doing the last shots for the Marine Harvest annual report. Things have been hectic this week, shooting for another annual report.
Anthon B Nilsen is the client, they own most of the private schools in Oslo, and they're also into real-estate and recycling, which will take Kimm to both Paris and Stockholm some time in the near future.

I have also shot the first out of two ads for a Grilstad campaign this week, using my lovely girl as a model.

Bon Voyagˆ©!


Hong Kong

19 feb 07 //

Kimm has just returned from Hong Kong and Moscow, where he has been shooting for Marine Harvest's Annual Report. MH is one of the worlds largest exporters of Norwegian salmon. A nice trip indeed.


Hong Kong